Order of the Spear

No Watch in Manzallore, eh?

it's clobberin' time!

That’s all Linfors is thinking while they deliver the boy back to the town.

‘Once we collect Cohen we’ll have to fill him in on things, and see if he knows anything, and make a plan of action’ thought Linfors as he walked, distracted and only half-listening to his two friends.

He was not in the mood to play the fool to anyone, and his sense of duty, and that of propriety, dictated that he do something about these…imposters? ‘We wear this chain, and fulfill this duty. We’ve bled for this chain, and our fellows. Scum who would impersonate those of us who have earned the title cannot be tolerated…not by me, at least.’


Is there a law about impersonating the watch? What is the protocol for said law? Capitol punishment at the hands of the watch, or do we attempt to arrest them and they stand trial? Who sits in judgement? Etc etc.

No Watch in Manzallore, eh?

Linfors’ answer: is yes; it’s illegal! Watch members of at least Sentinel grade can, so long as at least three Watch members swear witness, adjudicate guilt & sentence. Ten lashes and a brand on the back of the right hand!

No Watch in Manzallore, eh?

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