Order of the Spear

Jacen's parents suck

Emo 6

Linfors felt bad for Jacen. What kind of family doesn’t write? After Linfors had been injured, somehow word must have gotten back to Wyglen, because a spice basket arrived after a few weeks, in the hands of a merchant who’d come from Wyglen – his parents had sent some mulled spice bags to put in his cider, along with the ingredients for the pumpkin bread he loved so much. Although Linfors would never admit it to Jacen, it sure seemed like his ‘noble’ family acted like anything but.

All Jacen’s talk about being a general, or a knight, or someone with a big title and streaming banners…it all seemed really hollow and a little sad at this point. He was in the Watch! He was doing his duty! And Linfors knew that Jacen could be trusted, had integrity, and was brave. Wasn’t that worth something to supposedly noble parents? No wonder the Wyglens had struck out on their own – better to live rightly on your own than to bend knee to people who weren’t worth the fur in their collars. That’s what his father always said.

Linfors knew one thing: he’d never treat people like that. And if Jacen needed a place to feel at home, surely Wyglen and his family could be that place. What a crock of shit!



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