Order of the Spear

Great Discoveries

and greater problems

So the ‘Watch’ troops in Manzallore are imposters, we’ve got a hidden, enchanted city in the forest, and we’ve discovered the names and images of the Lost Gods. Linfors thought that these all paled when compared against her beauty.


Yes, the imposters were obviously up to no good – why impersonate the Watch, live off the town’s good will for months, give back nothing in return, without some plan for what they’d gain over the long-term? There must be something more to them than simply the desire to mooch. This is important, but clearly not as noteworthy as the city.

The city was hidden from view, accessible only through a portal exposed when a large boulder was moved, exposing a hole in reality, it seemed, from the snowy-covered forest into a cityscape that clearly was not in the same space…different terrain, different weather, different sky. The statues, collapsed buildings, and the fae-infused fountain, along with its weapon-stealing water, gave up only some secrets as to their purpose and message. This small amount of information learned through runes, inscriptions, and the presence of the fae gave the team the name of the Overfather, and his image. It showed that the fae could inhabit other materials and objects, like water and steel. It would rock the foundations of scholarly knowledge, if they could return with proof of it.

And yet there was something hostile about the land, too: the fountain, the vampiric vines, and the open question as to why the woman was there, frozen in time and yet breathing. Something had not only happened here, but was still happening – and although they were in it, they could not comprehend it.


The fae, and its perpetual flow deeper into the city, guided them. It guided them past more, and larger buildings, along deserted avenues, and past a group of dancers, caught somewhere in time, dancing with themselves, wrapping fabric around a statue. What was going on in this place?

The fae guided them – or, they’d like to think, they followed it – to a massive central temple. After dealing with and then disarming a few traps, they found their way into a ceremonial room, complete with statues, a giant dining table, guests, and a seemingly retro-fit altar dais. That’s where the fae flowed, that’s where the maiden lay, frozen in a trance.

Linfors didn’t care about his wounds, or how tired and bruised he felt – really, he wasn’t injured so much as beaten up by the day’s work. He didn’t care that he couldn’t move. Well, he could, but he chose not to at the moment. She was just too beautiful for him to look away. Jacen and Osweald thought so, too. So did the old man. Cohen would, too, if he just gave her another glance.



Something catastrophic and terrible happened long ago (at least in man’s view of time). What horrific event could have altered the world into its current state? Arcanum awaiting discovery or secrets better left beneath the dusts of time? Is all knowledge worth its price? Who will count its cost…who will pay the price? It seems the makers of such a decision are 15-year-old strangers in a strange land. But what price have they already paid? In a time of need they have traded their youth for wisdom, knowledge, and skill…boys were sent into the furnace, but men emerged.
Great Discoveries lie within the dust and rubble, but who is courageous enough to unearth them?

Great Discoveries

Linfors is, dammit! You know, his father has always said that ‘great deeds find the man,’ and that’s surely true here. When greatness stares you down; went daunting odds taunt you…you either stand or fall, and by what you do will define you. Linfors’ father said something like that, too.

Great Discoveries

I don’t know boys from men, what I do know is that the people need to remember their Gods. They may not know it yet, but their faith wanes to skeletal remains. They need to know their cup need to be filled by opening their hearts to their heritage. Call out their name, and become whole.
I will sacrifice my youth, my innocence to bring the word.

Great Discoveries

Linfors is all for Cohen sacrificing his youth for the cause…go get’r, Ray!

Great Discoveries

That just means Cohen will jump up to 12th level and you’ll still be at 2nd giggling at girls boobies.

Great Discoveries

You can have your levels. We’ll take the women.

Great Discoveries

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