Order of the Spear

Good Times!

Or the calm before the storm...

After having spent just over a week in Hanlowell County and surviving their first encounter with bandits, our intrepid young (ok, very young) heroes find themselves called into the Watch Commander’s office before leaving for Ralspur.

As it turns out, there were some suspicions regarding the bandits. Apparently, from bits and pieces gathered here and there, they weren’t bandits after all. The Watch still isn’t quite sure where they came from. Are they from outside the kingdom or from within? If they are from outside, then we are not alone in the world. But, if they are from within the kingdom, why are they attacking us? Who put them up to it? They definitely weren’t starving brigands, judging by their equipment. Uncertain information to take back to Ralspur.

Escorting Fordrynn to Ralspur the second time was very uneventfully boring. The new tax collector turned out to be worse than previously thought, but the Watch carried out their duties as expected of Watch members.

Several more weeks of rotation puts the boys back out into the Wyldewood on long range patrol. Other than being spooky and creepy even during the day, the forest seemed to be nice to them the first week out. Rather than deliver all its mysterious dangers right away, the trees offered wolf tracks for two days and some actual wolves to chase away with torches that night.

Upon arriving home from a week in the Wyldes, the boys were treated to a midnight wake up drill that took them outside town to a natural amphitheater where other members of the Watch were gathered in wait.

Fire sprang from a readied pit in the center illuminating Sir Brendan as the boys approached. He offered some history of the Watch and talked about the rank of Guardian of the Watch. He then added another chain to the boys’ cloaks and clapped each on the shoulder. The ceremony passed in a blur as the newest guardians stood agape at the fact that Sir Brendan could pull off a great speech, but that he was NOT drunk for once!

Watch Unit Four was fitting in nicely here in Ralspur. The boys had made plenty of friends and the teams were working very well together. Things were going extremely well in Ralspur. But then, isn’t that when one should start to worry???


During down time, Cohen does as Cohen does. He reads texts, tends to the wounded, and if people ask where his powers come from, he will tell them what little he knows of the faith. He doesn’t have names to put to gods, and refers to it as “the faith”. Those who are chosen, follow. Those who aren’t, should strive to do good in the world. The teachings are simple.
Do not lie.
Do not cheat.
Do not steal.
Do no harm, lest it is to prevent harm being done.
Give to those in need, lest you need yourself.
(I will add more as they strike me)

Good Times!

Linfors makes time everyday to practice with his sword. He also makes a point to get to know as many people in the town as possible, helping out where needed, and making sure people know who he is and his name. He enjoys talking with Cohen about the UberGott, and is genuinely interested in what seems to be the lost knowledge and wisdom that comes with the faith. The Wyglens have in their history a few of clerics and other men of the cloth, although that was long before the move to and settlement of Wyglen, and there are scant details of their beliefs, being lost to time with so much of the rest of the religious background of the kingdom.

Good Times!

Jacen starts to wonder why his family hasn’t visited or written. he got a letter from one of the cooks back home but that was it. one night instead of practicing with his throwing knives he decided to go to the inn instead. maybe holly will cheer him up. when he arrived a bard was finnishing up his set and noticed Jacen. he approached jacen and asked him whats wrong. they talked most of the night as Jacen told of his childhood and recent problems of his life. the bard noded in what seemed like known acceptance. the bard reached into his bag and withdrew a simple lock and some old looking tools. he showed jacen how to pick it and gave it to jacen. after some quasi-philosophical talk of being one with the lock and put all your frustration into it. jacen was able to unlock it after 10 minutes of trying. Jacen really did feel better. the bard told him to keep it and keep practicing.

Jacen went back to the baracks, practiced some knife drills that the dwarf showed him and went to bed.

Good Times!

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