Order of the Spear

Faith Renewed

Cohen Snow.

It was a restless night. His new friend Linfors was gravely wounded in the attack upon to new tax collector, and they had 4 days ride back to the outpost. The new tax collector was much worse than the last in the area. But taxes need to be collected in order to keep up the defense of the land, and to build the roads. I hope he grows into the job as well as the last one.

The night was darker than most. The stars didn’t shine and there was no moon. I was concerned for my new friend Linfors laying in the healing room. The acolyte said he would be fine, but there was always a chance of infection, or something doesn’t heal quite right.
When the clock tower chimed 2 is when it happened. Cohen was in bed, sleep was eluding him. Then, softly at first. A buzzing. No, a whisper. What was it? The sound wasn’t annoying like a fly, nor eerie like a moan. The whisper was… Comforting somehow.

The whisper grew. There were voices. They weren’t speaking, but the soft voices were singing. They were raising in voice, and volume. Who are these people? No… Just women. All the voices were feminine. They sang in glory. A cascading sound washed over Cohen. There was a call. The voiceless call from the Overfather. He wordlessly informed Cohen that his Faith was heard and now answered. The voiceless heed gently picked up Cohen and guided him to his friend still in sick quarters. He walked barefoot in his nightshirt through the cold fall air, to his stricken comrade. As Cohen stood over Linfors, a wash of divine power washed through him and into Cohen. The slice across his belly and arm were healed. Linfors fell into the deep sleep physical pain deprived him from.

When he healed his friend, Cohen looked around. All the members of the watch where placed in sick quarters were healed. Tomlinis sprained ankle, Mislum’s torn elbow. All the severe nicks and cuts glowed briefly, and fresh pink skin covered what was infected and decayed.
Cohen was once more guided throughout rob compound, speaking words that he did not know and were not his. He spoke of the OverFather, and how this one was called to his glory.

All who saw Cohen stared in marvel as angels sung their wordless melody.
Hours strode by until the miraculous event was complete. Cohen glided back to his bunk and the sweet embrace of sleep took him as well. There he stayed for the rest of the day and once more through the night. The following morning he rose from bed as if he dreamed the whole experience. He remembered everything that happened, but it was far off..not quite sure what he said or did.

His brothers of the watch didn’t know quite what to say. It had need over a hundred years since the Overfather had chosen a vessel to carry his words, and of The Faith of the Gods who watched over the mortal realm.


Sorry folks, I seem to tell the story in first person then third person.

Faith Renewed

Go for it. We each come to this from a different perspective – why not present it differently?

Faith Renewed

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