Order of the Spear

Dark Clouds

both literally and figuratively

Snowstorm Rolling thunder peals through the sky outside and the afternoon is darkened by heavy clouds. Lightning strikes briefly illuminate the darker recesses of the cavern. With the older carnage removed, the cave smell has improved somewhat – to tolerable. Not long after the sabre rattlings of the cumulus armies, the sky erupts into a melee with heavy rains, followed by hail. Then the all out war started, slushy snow and sleet blown by the wind reduced visibility outside the cavern to about 10 or 15 feet.
Waiting for the storm to pass, Cohen counts the money and catalogs the loot muttering to himself about the Woldenock. Ozweald makes busy by going over the blocks and circular engravings when he comes across an out of place inscription which he cannot decipher.
“You there! Heroes.” He mimics Captain Mandrake’s voice pretty well. “Ye learned ones, get over here and read this writing. We need to know everything we can about this place. Don’t want them nasty creatures spooning with you, now do you?”
On the side of a rectangular block is an inscription that was placed into the stone after its creation. Block-like letter style set deep into the rock, chiseled by strong hands.

Who does what? with what skill?


I got a 16 for Linfors’ Linguistics attempt. Tannis and Denn are both trained it in, so perhaps if they add in their attempts we could get something done. I like what we’ve done with cooperative skill attempts thus far, in all of us rolling and taking the highest result as the ‘anchor’ roll with the others as assists.

Dark Clouds

If they don’t make it, Cohen casts comprehend languages. Also, with his knowledge ability, I get an auto 25 to a touched object or creature.
Beyond that, knowledge religion, knowledge religion, knowledge religion….

Dark Clouds

I have a meta question. Other than our far creature, are there still dragons known to be flying around? This would have an effect on My dialog.
We are all trying to figure out what the far is, and how or why it manifests, and why it manifests the way it does.
Here are some of my discoveries:
The fae is the remnant of the gods.
It seems to be attracted to people or objects.
Seems to be intelligent of a sort.
The fad is its own sourse of magic both divine, and arcane in nature.
it is stronger at night.

Dark Clouds

Ling was 19. knowledge dung was 11. Obviously Tannis has no idea what this is.

Dark Clouds

Denn Sparrow had a +11 linguistics at 4th level. Hhmmmmm….

Dark Clouds


That’s probably a typo (I was updating on my ipad) as Denn has a Linguistics of 8 at 5th.

I rolled 21 Linguistics.

Dark Clouds

Denn also knows Dwarven, if it helps.

Dark Clouds

Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria…just kiddin’ :p

Denn comes around the stone box and recognizes right away, from his language training under Sage Lewin as a kid in the Shadow Rats thieves guild, that the language is indeed dwarven and the characters spell out a poetic warning:

Entombed here is evil incarnate
Dragonkind, their slaves just wait
For masters wake, to rise and fly
By claw and fire they rule the sky

Many died to lock away
And save the souls of future’s day
Dwarven magic, Dwarven might
Blood, sweat, tears to dragons bite

Fate of living hangs in doom
When terror sallies from this room
No more power to restrain
Claw and tooth and fire reign

Thanks for chiming in Sean – they were starting to flounder. Hope you like Denn’s picture and the blurb about his background here.

Dark Clouds

Hey!!! We weren’t floundering!!! I have Allyxann by my side. He can enable me to ‘comprehend languages’. You must be skipping my posts.

Dark Clouds

knowing how to cast a spell and having the divine power connection are sometimes two different things and no not skipping posts, at least not trying to :)

Dark Clouds

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