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Companies in the Aynemeren Army

Aynemeren Monetary Denominations – the monetary system of the Realm
Wheel = mithril – 10,000 (ultra, super rare)
Plate = platinum – 1000
Orb = gold – 100
Lucky = electrum – 50
Noble = silver – 10
Common = copper – 1 (main currency in Pathfinder OotS)
Steel Bit – .10
Iron Drab – .01

Gazeteer of Aynemer – regions, places, historical and geographical information

The Fae – information on the Mist, most often called the ‘Fae’ and how it impacts the use of magic

House Rules

The Order of the Spear

(Recap)Background and Setting:

The Spear is intended to be a full length campaign centered on the Kingdom of Aynemer. This kingdom was once much larger. It once shared borders with other kingdoms long since overrun by humanoid hordes and monstrous denizens. It is surrounded on the north, east, and west by a very large wall. The southern portion of the Aynemer is coastal region. The capital sits on a massive bay that once thrummed with traffic from all over the world.

Many generations, wars, and time have separated the people from neighbors and even portions of its histories have been lost to the constant struggle for life. The militaries are what keep the people safe. A constant vigil by both the armies, navies, and the Watch are all that keeps the darkness at bay and protects what is left. All able bodied males and even some females are required by law to serve in the Watch. These guards are the source from which the venerated armies come.

Good King Gundrick Sixblade handpicked the Order of the Spear from the ranks of his beloved soldiers. This was in honor of their outstanding service and valor. This order formed the elite units of the Aynemeran Army. They are the heroes of the heroes. The crème de le crème. The armies are respected, but soldiers of the Spear are held in awe.

Until recently, no contact had been made with any “friendlies” beyond the wall. That was before the 4th squad made contact with the dwarves of Firestone. An ally was made and trade negotiations were bartered with Gundrick himself.

Since this time, Gundrick has become quite ill. Out of necessity, his heir, Prince Nyrgall, has assumed a growing number of the king’s duties. So far, he has confined himself to pleasing the eastern nobility and ignored the west.

The world is shrouded in what has become known as the Fae. This essence is a magical mist which drifts of its own accord, ignoring the wind and elements. It is manipulated by a very select few who have come to wield it, but it can be fickle. Such rarities are called Adepts. They are respected and feared. Having the power to call down fire and other such things as well as create tokens carved with runes intended to repel the Fae. These ‘wizards’ are feared also because they have been known to attempt to manipulate too much of the power at one time and detonate, taking anyone unlucky enough to be nearby and leaving a crater as a poignant reminder.

Character Creation:

The acceptable PC classes are *Cleric, *Druid, Fighter, *Paladin, *Ranger, and Rogue. *These are available with the stipulation that the connection to their deities is tenuous at best and nonexistent for some. Of course, without a healer, even a “part-time” healer in a cruel, cruel world can be brutal.

There are and have been divine casters, but they are very rare. The only other divine casters, besides Cohen, of whom you’ve heard but know little else, are Lord Dalin – the king’s personal healer, and Earl Drey,

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