House Rules


Flanking occurs when at least two attackers threaten a single opponent from more than one side. This results in the standard +2. Any additional attackers raise that bonus by +1 per attacker up to a total of +8 to hit.
NOTE: This flanking bonus works for NPCs as well as PCs!

Critical Hits occur on a roll of natural 20. Confirmation rolls are required for less than natural 20, but still within the weapon’s range.

Character Aspects

Action Points: Players can spend from a pool of Action Points to affect the outcome of any attack, skill check, saving throw, ability or level check roll. The AP roll can be made after the d20 roll is made; however, it must be declared before the results are announced by the GM. Players automatically refresh their APs upon leveling, beginning with 3+1/2 level rounded down (3 at 1st level). Players are limited to spending one AP per encounter.

All AP bonuses are 1d6 unless affected by a feat.


Action Boost: Roll d8(s) in place of d6(s) when using Action Points. No prerequisite. This feat can be taken once more to increase bonus to d10.

Action Surge: Requirement: BAB minimum +3. Spend 2 APs at once to take an extra move or standard action.

Heroic Spirit: Provides 2 additional APs per level.

House Rules

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