Gazeteer of Aynemer

City of the Dead: A long-abandoned metropolis over a week’s ride from Ralspur, at the edge of the frontier, rumored for years to be haunted. While the exact size of the city, made up of little more than collapsed walls and footings now, it is purported to be larger than Hanlowell, and possibly even larger than the capitol itself.

Hanlowell: One of the largest cities in the realm, aside from the capitol itself.


Wyglen: A small village of some 200 residents, serving as the focal point of a region around Tomlynsferd Gorge. There are a few hundred farmers, trappers, and others living in the fields, woods, and foothills within a few days of the village, and all turn to Wyglen for supplies, market opportunities, and social activities. The Wyglen family has run the town for over a century, since founding it long before the Hordes War. Recognized as of the gentry, the Wyglens typically fill all the leadership positions, and along with their extended family have provided a great degree of stability through faithful leadership.

Gazeteer of Aynemer

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