Companies in the Aynemeren Army

Arranged in order of prestige, from least to greatest

Order of the Kettle- cooks and baggage train

Order of the Trident- (jokingly known as the pitchfork) recalled units, not career soldiers

Order of the Mole- sappers, engineers, and artificers

Order of the Bow- archers: long, short, and crossbow

Order of the Sword- light armor, fast moving foot soldiers

Order of the Hammer- foot soldiers, moderate to heavily armored, few shields

Order of the Anvil- heavily armored, solid, resolute foot soldiers, slow moving

Order of the Spear- elite, fast moving and very effective, chosen from the ranks of
other companies, favored by Gundrick and referred to as the “*Order of the Spear” by him like a knighthood for enlisted soldiers.

Order of the Brand- magi, usually attached to other units as support, outside of rank hierarchy (this order was found listed in a historical tome)

Order of the Horse- light and heavy cavalry, usually of noble or royal blood

Unofficial Arms
Order of the Couch- unofficial company of commanders. Not referred to as such outside enlisted ranks
Order of the Lantern- unofficial company of camp followers, prostitutes, etc

Companies in the Aynemeren Army

Order of the Spear Sir_Anton