Order of the Spear

Life outside the melee

During the time of rebuilding The Wall, the barracks, and a fortified wall around Ralspur, in addition to mopping up any other goblinoid units that slipped in through the breech before the battle there was some downtime to discuss areas of interest with Illiana before heading out to escort her part way to the capitol city of Andryllon.

Also of late, Holly has taken a greater interest in learning to fight. She has expressed interest in assisting the Watch and has been granted a “leave of absence” if you will, from the Sea Nymph and her duties there. CSgt. Balthazar, in order to appease Derwin, has assigned her to cooking and cleaning for the Watch. After her work is done though, she is allowed time to practice and train with the rest of the guard. During this time she has been getting friendlier with the heroes of the 4th squad.

If you wish to discuss a topic with Illiana I will post a response to your queries. If you wish to curb the metagame knowledge in order to reveal it “in game” just send me an email.

City of the Undead

The four Sentinels made steady travel through the frontier, guided by Cohen’s prayers, Jacen’s fierce mien, Linfors and Osweald’s knowledge of geography. Their memory of the maps brought them to the entrance to the ancient city, the City of the Dead (or undead as it were). They had made good time, and arrived by 10 in the morning. They became aware of a dense fog that eerily obscured the ground as it hovered just above. Pausing to take in the scene, their eyes were drawn upward by movement to see clutched within the old, over-grown trees several murders of crows could be made out. Out of curiosity, Jacen drew his bow and his arrow was true, hitting the crow through the chest… and kept flying off into the city. At first it seemed odd, the rest of the crows flew away, but the bird that should be dead stayed on, and looked around. A cold chill ran up the Sentinels’ spines, but they braced themselves, and began making their way into the City of the Dead. Making their way down the large cobble-stoned road, they had been moving in for roughly thirty minutes, when they noticed that it was dusk within the city, and the sun was preparing to leave for the day. Confused expressions crossed their faces, and they quickly determined that it should only be 10:30 AM. But still, the sun was going down. Reluctantly, the Sentinels four, turned and made a tactical move to the out-skirts of the city. To this they found the sun was in fact, almost at a Noon setting, and the light was corrected.

Linfors and Osweald discussed with their comrades what the overall size of the city might be, considering what they saw on the maps, and based on their knowledge, this city was even larger than Hanlowell, and possibly even than the capitol (although the four Sentinels had not ever been to the capitol city). Considering something foul was happening in the city, they decided to skirt the city, and soon Osweald found hoof-prints leading into another great street that led into the city. Following it in, they found that the hoof-prints stopped, turned around and left, whereas some bare footprints continued on into the city. They soon found a four-way intersection, and from a distance, made out three people hanging from a tree.

Approaching cautiously, they made to poke the what appeared to be corpses to ensure they were not going to move, and indeed, they were dead. As well, they were all three wearing anachronistic clothing, of another time, and unknown arms or heraldry was sewn into their cloaks. Cohen made a point to take the most definable arms, and hold onto it in hopes of identifying who these three (2 men and 1 woman).

Osweald was able to locate a single set of footprints that seem to stand apart from the groups of footprints, and they followed it into the remains of an inn. With Osweald checking the trail of footprints, and Jacen and Linfors providing a keen eye to avoid ambush, Cohen performs a divine request from his god for the sight to see magic. He located a Short Sword, and a rod hidden under the remnants of the bar. It appeared that their experienced eye could find nothing more of importance within the inn, they stepped out, and Cohen found a toppled four-way street marker laying next to the road. He straightened it and found that the direction into the city that had once read “Wyld”, had the word “Nether” scrawled before it.

Osweald found again the path of single footprints, and continued leading the Sentinels into the City of the Undead. Making their way down the path, Jacen and Linfors were the first to hear the moaning. How odd, but the Sentinels would not be deterred, and continued on, seeing the left side of the street change from walls to a wrought-iron fence that had parts where it had buckled and fallen under the weight of years and abuse. Looking beyond, it became quickly apparent that the moaning was coming from within… within a graveyard. Following the footprints, they came to a breach in the wrought-iron fence, and open enough to ride through. Our intrepid four were all hearing the moaning now, but this only drove them further. Osweald re-mounted his horse as he had been leading his horse on foot following the footprints, and Cohen lit his hammer with a divine light; the two took the lead, with Linfors and Jacen behind. But not for long, soon after entering, Osweald had the sense of mind to attempt a plan of attack to which Linfors reminded that the time for a plan was back in the street, and Jacen had already slipped away somewhere into the graveyard, utilizing his cat-like ability to move silently. Osweald took on a determined look, as did they all, and continued forward. Up ahead, in the dusk of the sunlight they could make out roughly 12 humans, wailing and keening some un-holy verses, as they danced and thrashed around some object in the center. At first they were bolstered by their many past glories, for they were of the Heroes of Bloodvein Pass, and had seen the might of many a foe crashed and failed beneath their weapons. They moved on, slowly, determined. Linfors noticed Jacen attempting to remove the lid from a crypt, unsuccessfully, as his skills were of an agile nature, and not of brute strength. Soon, he returned to the group and informed Linfors that he had actually found their quarry, Symon. Linfors quickly hopped down and moved to assist removing the lid of the crypt, and with assistance Jacen made quick work of the stone cover. Soon the three of them had made their way back to Cohen and Osweald, with no time to spare. For the wild keening, wailing, shrieking and moaning had stopped… there were 12 creatures long dead, staring at the intrepid heroes. Fight or flight? The Sentinels Four determined the better course of action would be to provide cover for Symon, and depart post-haste. This would be optimal to save the young Lordling, and so they began their flight to exit the city. A quick inspection showed that the wights were gaining on them, and with a quick request to his god, Cohen shed divine energy at the same time that Linfors called upon the Fae to imbue a glowing aura around the running party. This seemed to help, for while the wights kept pace with them, they did not hinder their departure. Much like an eery, undead escort to the edge of the city, but once the party exited the boundary, they could hear the moaning, wailing, keening and shrieking of the undead who had lost their prize.

Safely out of the city, but not safe from the undead, they party continued on well into the night. While there were some uneasy moments, they made it back to Ralspur without incident and soon were had news delivered that the young Lordly had been rescued and would soon be back home with his family.

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Dance of Death
Lordling Symon's Experience

Let me tell you a story to chill the bones
About a thing that I saw
One night wandering in the everglades
I’d one drink but no more

I was rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight
Gazing up at the stars
Not aware of a presence so near to me
Watching my every move

Feeling scared and I fell to my knees
As something rushed me from the trees
Took me to an unholy place
And that is where I fell from grace

Then they summoned me over to join in with them
To the dance of the dead
Into the circle of fire I followed them
Into the middle I was led

As if time had stopped still I was numb with fear
But still I wanted to go
And the blaze of the fire did no hurt upon me
As I walked onto the coals

And I felt I was in a trance
And my spirit was lifted from me
And if only someone had the chance
To witness what happened to me

And I danced and I pranced and I sang with them
All had death in their eyes
Lifeless figures they were undead all of them
They had ascended from hell…

Forever marked – some would say tainted – are those who dance with the dead while their heart still beats in their chest, and breath still fills their lungs…secrets as such are kept by the dancer, and have a way, over a lifetime, of slowly drawing him back to the circle, seeking again to join the chant…

Battle of Bloodvein Pass
Friends, both lost and found

Gundrick ralspur

Not since the Hordes War was there a clash this size. The destruction of life was great on both sides. The Spear sustained losses that reduced their company of 120 down to 59 survivors. The Watch of Ralspur suffered devastating losses of all but 6 of their contingent, while Hanlowell, even with more experienced members, lost 60 of 80.

Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Giant carnage littered the pass. Body parts, gore, and blood had all been churned together to soak the ground red. The next day, a fleet company of knights had forced their mounts, led by King Gundrick himself, to extreme exertion in an effort to relieve the few holding the pass against twice their number. CSgt. Jovack had promised legends and in the presence of their ailing king were thanked with gracious and heartfelt praise. Gundrick regretted the loss of so many of Aynemer’s finest and could be seen to walk along the rows of laid out heroes speaking softly to each until his strength gave out.

When back in Ralspur there was much celebrating with Aynemer’s newest heroes. Although the kingdom’s newest cleric healed the bodies of the numerous injured soldiers, many of the wounds they bore in Bloodvein Pass would forever haunt and torment their souls. Memories of their close friends borne aloft upon the head of a hobgoblin polearm or of being hewn down in rows by a giant’s axe would play out in their mind’s eye for the rest of their lives.

King Gundrick commissioned a new two story barracks beside and adjoining the Watch Command where soldiers could garrison when necessary. In addition, he told the people that he would accept no taxes from Hanlowell or Ralspur for a full year and that any owed taxes were forgiven. When the king returned homeward, after meeting with Lady Ilianatisilan the Wanderer, he sent bards and merchants to Ralspur bearing many fine foods and drinks, bardic songs, and news from within the kingdom. He ordered the bards to interview his Watch and Spear and to compose songs that would be sung throughout the kingdom.

After months of light duty consisting of escorting tradesmen up to the Wall and back, weapon practice, and flirting with Holly, our heroes began to grow restless. Balthazar has offered to allow the new guardians to investigate a rumor outside the neighboring town of Mannzallor to the northeast of Ralspur, which would include accompanying Lady Iliana the first 3 days of her journey to the capital.

Rumor has it that there has been a recent influx of money in the region – all in foreign coin.

Or they could continue to escort workers and craftsmen to the Wall…

Bloodvein Pass
Mice or men?

Snow trees small

After a leisurely vacation in Hanlowell, our intrepid young heroes sauntered back to Ralspur at a restful pace. During a week of light duty and playing at being brave warriors, the members of the Watch decided to party with the locals in celebration of the holidays. The day after the festival the Watch was informed that a body had been found in the Regal River that runs around the edge of town. With their peachfuzz quivering, the teens found themselves investigating a real crime!

The victim was none other than Fordrynn, the brand new tax collector, with whom the Watch had just had the pleasure of riding under his protective, reassuring presence back to Ralspur.

Sgt. Balthazar did some detective work and discovered that the perpetrator was a 5 year old boy who had apparently manifested Adept abilities and left faeburn evidence on the victim.
The very next day, Sir Brendan and a contingent of the Watch from Hanlowell came riding into Ralspur with the news that goblins had breached the Wall and were moving toward the town.

On the heels of the knight, the Ralspur contingent joined Hanlowell’s and sighted the horde. Sir Brendan matched the humanoid army’s pace in a tactical retreat to keep an eye on them and to slow their pace that the Aynemeran Army might then have time to arrive and save the day.

Bloodvein pass presented the last real opportunity to slow the horde. Knowing that this would be a quick and bloody fight to the death just to slow the monsters’ advance, the Watch decided to make a stand to protect the people of Ralspur.

In a stroke of blessed luck that night, Aynemeran soldiers announced themselves at the rear of the heroes’ position. Relief prompted a cheer which went through the small camp. However, as it turns out, the “cavalry” actually turned out to be a single company- the Order of the Spear, but still only one company.

Spear scouts took members of the Watch out to recon goblin troop movements and the intel that came back was that the enemy was not preparing for a siege, but might attack at any moment.
Sir Brendan asserted his authority over Command Sgt. Jovack of the Spear and took overall command. Preparations were made and orders went out. The center of the line was made up of the Spear with Hanlowell on the left flank, Ralspur on the right. Jovack secured the Ralspur 4th squad to their right. He told the quivering boys that although the heaviest fighting would likely be in the center, he needed their support to hold the beasts as long as possible. He told the young men that if they stayed with him, he could assure them legendary status.

Not long after midnight, inhuman horns and drums heralded the charge of the Broken Tooth Goblin Clans.

Vomit and piss soilied the snow and mud under some of the Watch as the screams grew in volume, while our young heroes…

rolled initiative!

My Runestone...

Linfors really digs his Runestone, and takes very seriously the fact that he was the first to be given one. He doesn’t know why he was, but he’s sure it matters, for some reason. Although there are lots of different runes on such stones, his appears as follows…


Now where’d that groovy rune come from?

Faith Renewed

Cohen Snow.

It was a restless night. His new friend Linfors was gravely wounded in the attack upon to new tax collector, and they had 4 days ride back to the outpost. The new tax collector was much worse than the last in the area. But taxes need to be collected in order to keep up the defense of the land, and to build the roads. I hope he grows into the job as well as the last one.

The night was darker than most. The stars didn’t shine and there was no moon. I was concerned for my new friend Linfors laying in the healing room. The acolyte said he would be fine, but there was always a chance of infection, or something doesn’t heal quite right.
When the clock tower chimed 2 is when it happened. Cohen was in bed, sleep was eluding him. Then, softly at first. A buzzing. No, a whisper. What was it? The sound wasn’t annoying like a fly, nor eerie like a moan. The whisper was… Comforting somehow.

The whisper grew. There were voices. They weren’t speaking, but the soft voices were singing. They were raising in voice, and volume. Who are these people? No… Just women. All the voices were feminine. They sang in glory. A cascading sound washed over Cohen. There was a call. The voiceless call from the Overfather. He wordlessly informed Cohen that his Faith was heard and now answered. The voiceless heed gently picked up Cohen and guided him to his friend still in sick quarters. He walked barefoot in his nightshirt through the cold fall air, to his stricken comrade. As Cohen stood over Linfors, a wash of divine power washed through him and into Cohen. The slice across his belly and arm were healed. Linfors fell into the deep sleep physical pain deprived him from.

When he healed his friend, Cohen looked around. All the members of the watch where placed in sick quarters were healed. Tomlinis sprained ankle, Mislum’s torn elbow. All the severe nicks and cuts glowed briefly, and fresh pink skin covered what was infected and decayed.
Cohen was once more guided throughout rob compound, speaking words that he did not know and were not his. He spoke of the OverFather, and how this one was called to his glory.

All who saw Cohen stared in marvel as angels sung their wordless melody.
Hours strode by until the miraculous event was complete. Cohen glided back to his bunk and the sweet embrace of sleep took him as well. There he stayed for the rest of the day and once more through the night. The following morning he rose from bed as if he dreamed the whole experience. He remembered everything that happened, but it was far off..not quite sure what he said or did.

His brothers of the watch didn’t know quite what to say. It had need over a hundred years since the Overfather had chosen a vessel to carry his words, and of The Faith of the Gods who watched over the mortal realm.

Standing on your own two feet...

Osweald pondered the circumstance of his comrades, Jacen lamenting over his family’s lack of interest, and Linfors appeared to gloat when he received the cute little basket from his family. Granted, he had been through training with these two, and even beaten a huge Half Orc, but he couldn’t help but think they may have not fully dropped their pairs yet. They just needed to suck it up, and walk the road before them. It wasn’t going to walk itself! On the other hand, there was Cohen. Osweald was still trying to figure him out, he had enjoyed the warm atmosphere of Cohen’s family, and you can’t exactly fault the guy to visit his family since we were in town. As well, doing chores for the clergy reminded him of younger days when he learned discipline. The good, home-cooked meal spoke for itself, and the soft bed to sleep on. Well, they were his friends, they had accepted him for who he was inside, not who he was outside. Maybe he was just jealous that he did not have a family to look to, and fight for… maybe he wanted to speak of the grandiose keep that his family lives in, and the integrity and honor they hold throughout the Kingdom. All Osweald remembered of his “Da”, was those cold, white eyes, and the harsh, bass voice, and the strong Dwarven fists that seemed to always mean a beating. But those strong, Dwarven fists were no match for the arrows, and swords. “Ma” never stopped him, never held Osweald afterwards, just dropped a cold bucket of water over his head, and sent him to bed. No, they both deserved it, and the Watch was all he had now, maybe not close enough to resemble him as brothers, but maybe cousins. Yeah, cousins, they weren’t so bad after all. But then again, maybe all three of them needed a swift kick in the sack to help them drop faster.

Jacen's parents suck

Emo 6

Linfors felt bad for Jacen. What kind of family doesn’t write? After Linfors had been injured, somehow word must have gotten back to Wyglen, because a spice basket arrived after a few weeks, in the hands of a merchant who’d come from Wyglen – his parents had sent some mulled spice bags to put in his cider, along with the ingredients for the pumpkin bread he loved so much. Although Linfors would never admit it to Jacen, it sure seemed like his ‘noble’ family acted like anything but.

All Jacen’s talk about being a general, or a knight, or someone with a big title and streaming banners…it all seemed really hollow and a little sad at this point. He was in the Watch! He was doing his duty! And Linfors knew that Jacen could be trusted, had integrity, and was brave. Wasn’t that worth something to supposedly noble parents? No wonder the Wyglens had struck out on their own – better to live rightly on your own than to bend knee to people who weren’t worth the fur in their collars. That’s what his father always said.

Linfors knew one thing: he’d never treat people like that. And if Jacen needed a place to feel at home, surely Wyglen and his family could be that place. What a crock of shit!

Good Times!
Or the calm before the storm...

After having spent just over a week in Hanlowell County and surviving their first encounter with bandits, our intrepid young (ok, very young) heroes find themselves called into the Watch Commander’s office before leaving for Ralspur.

As it turns out, there were some suspicions regarding the bandits. Apparently, from bits and pieces gathered here and there, they weren’t bandits after all. The Watch still isn’t quite sure where they came from. Are they from outside the kingdom or from within? If they are from outside, then we are not alone in the world. But, if they are from within the kingdom, why are they attacking us? Who put them up to it? They definitely weren’t starving brigands, judging by their equipment. Uncertain information to take back to Ralspur.

Escorting Fordrynn to Ralspur the second time was very uneventfully boring. The new tax collector turned out to be worse than previously thought, but the Watch carried out their duties as expected of Watch members.

Several more weeks of rotation puts the boys back out into the Wyldewood on long range patrol. Other than being spooky and creepy even during the day, the forest seemed to be nice to them the first week out. Rather than deliver all its mysterious dangers right away, the trees offered wolf tracks for two days and some actual wolves to chase away with torches that night.

Upon arriving home from a week in the Wyldes, the boys were treated to a midnight wake up drill that took them outside town to a natural amphitheater where other members of the Watch were gathered in wait.

Fire sprang from a readied pit in the center illuminating Sir Brendan as the boys approached. He offered some history of the Watch and talked about the rank of Guardian of the Watch. He then added another chain to the boys’ cloaks and clapped each on the shoulder. The ceremony passed in a blur as the newest guardians stood agape at the fact that Sir Brendan could pull off a great speech, but that he was NOT drunk for once!

Watch Unit Four was fitting in nicely here in Ralspur. The boys had made plenty of friends and the teams were working very well together. Things were going extremely well in Ralspur. But then, isn’t that when one should start to worry???


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