Lady Ilianatisilan

The Wanderer


An elven knight of Aynemer and ambassador tasked by King Aethelrick to determine if anyone remained beyond the wall besides the hordes of humanoids. Her 64 year quest was possible due to her Adept abilities and an uncommon affliction: vampirism.

Her noble family was slowly consumed by the constant warring with the beasts beyond the wall. Because her family was elven meant that few offspring combined with dying in battle soon led the Vahhandrehellyn family line to extinction. Lady Illian suffered a mortal wound in the battle of Norderryn Hill (now outside the wall) and was found dying on the battlefield by a vampire who, amidst the bodies, cruelly “gifted” her with unlife. On her journey back to the capital she determined to make the best of her condition. She and Aethelrick determined that a quest would be the perfect use for her talents.


Lady Ilianatisilan

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