King Gundrick SixBlade

King of Aynemer, Premiere Chivalier, Guardian of the Light, and High Protector of the Reaches.


Beloved of the people of Aynemer, Good King Gundrick is a legend in his own time. He gained his surname, SixBlade, in a fierce battle against a demonic ogre when he was but a young princeling.

The legend goes something like this: Having broken his heirloom sword against the demon’s armored neck, he proceeded to break five more in a duel that lasted the better part of a day. Knowing full well that the ogre would become more powerful at sunset, Gundrick finally succeeded in piercing the heart of the beast with the broken blade of his fifth sword just as the sun set behind the horizon.

Following the death of his father, King Aethelrick, Prince Gundrick openly wept at the tomb for three days: one for the sun and two for the moons. This set a three day tradition in Aynemer for funerals and weddings alike. His coronation was one for the historians. Three days of celebrations followed. The first day of his reign Gundrick declared there would be no taxes for a full year in honor of King Aethelrick. Fortunately, the year was the shortest in modern recorded history for the kingdom’s coffers were mightily depleted toward the end.


King Gundrick SixBlade

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