Earl Drey

Earl of Vannte, Knight of Aynemer, Hero of the Hordes War, Commander of the Western Reaches...


A cousin to Gundrick and soulsworn paladin of the War god. Upright in stature and untarnished in honor…until tragedy struck the House of Vannte. No one truly knows what happened in the dead of night, but every member of his family was brutily murdered. He traveled beyond the kingdom for several years before returning to claim his birthright and assume his father’s duties. His hair, beard, and even his eyes have gone brilliantly white in his journey for solace. With no eye for the crown and always just, he was the most trusted of all Gundrick’s advisers.

To the shock of his populace he took a bride and had heirs. This was not possible for a soulsworn and yet he retained all his honors. Events such as these are often the wellspring of rumors and distrust.

Earl Drey

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