Order of the Spear

Setting out to make one's mark

Linfors Wyglen needed to follow the tradition set out by his family. More important, he wanted to do so. The Wyglens had settled a small village at the edge of the Wyldwood, many days south of Ralspur, and isolated by both Mormont Gorge and the Erendeer Valley. Rough terrain, rivers, and the border with the Wyldwood all keep Wyglen a smallish village, serving the needs of farmers, trappers, and merchants who ply the area. And the needs of the village have been met, for over a century, by scions of the Wyglen family who, almost entirely, have served as guards, healers, scouts, and magistrates, all on behalf of the residents of the region.

Linfors, youngest of the four children of Tomlyn, third youngest of five of the elder generation of Wyglens, had decided that striking for the Watch would be the best way to use his abilities, develop a reputation and skills, and make his mark. Other Wyglens had, over the years, chosen to leave their home and serve elsewhere – a few even chose to become merchants and travel and one even took orders and joined a distant monastary. Most who left, however, struck for the Watch or some other form of service to the Realm, in hopes of spreading the Wyglen name, and earning some glory for themselves.

Linfors would enter the Watch, and would serve beyond what was required. He would make his name there, master his trade, and then one day return to Wyglen and take his place in some position of prominence, welcomed by his extended family. That is what he would do.

And so it was that he packed his things and headed out into the world, toward the Sea Nymph, for the annual ceremonies, and a future that, while uncertain in details, would certainly hold opportunities for great deeds.



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