Order of the Spear

Refusing Death

Can't keep a good ogre down

Looting the soldiers was easy – they didn’t have much…much that ogres would want. Gorth ate the bite-sized rabbits crunching the bones and swallowing the steaming gulps. The human blood and entrails added a flavor he found delicious.
Draja piled snow atop the bodies and retied his legging wraps. He took the waterskins from the men and drank two. The remaining three he tied securely through his crossed belts.
Juff pulled several flasks of oil from a backpack and collected the various coins. Each of the soldiers had a rock with a symbol carved into one side which tingled in the palm of his hand. He pocketed those for later. Rising to his nearly eight foot tall height, Juff stretched his muscles and checked his equipment. “Draja will continue in point.” Revealing his great tusks, Juff smiled broadly as he surveyed the carnage. ‘This is a fine offering’, he thought to himself. “We run!”

An hour beyond the campsite, Draja slowed his run once again. Something was different. They were passing a forest that seemed…sentient. Looking to his right, he began to make out low walls within the trees as their path dissected a fringe section of the strange forest. The snow hid much and their rate of speed prevented a search, but something was out of sorts.
Running in a line to make travel through the trees easier, the ogren weaved their way toward their destination. Gorth clipped a low rope hanging beneath the snow and it lifted and tightened rattling what sounded like pots and pans hanging from two trees. Tevaga had no time to slow and she hit the taut rope at full speed flipping completely over and landing on her face in the snow.
Tevaga felt the sting in her back as the bolt lanced through her furs. A second whistled past Gorth’s ugly face.
Two fur-clad dwarves came from behind their cover to close on the brutes and the battle was joined. Slashing, smashing, grunting, growling, cursing, and singing erupted at various points in this pitched battle between large and small opponents. The bearded duo worked well together, fearlessly bloodying their weapons in a skilled and practiced manner.
The door of a well-concealed squat building slammed open and two additional bearded folk came out grinning and swinging. Just when the dwarves would send one ogre into the snow to bleed out and move on to the others, it would come back in a few rounds and come howling at them again. At one point or another, all the ogres had fallen to the skilled veterans at the outpost. But eventually, dwarven resources expended, the ogres managed to regenerate just enough to overcome their opponents.
Taking more food and water, the brutal quartet set out once again.



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