Order of the Spear

One small step for a man ...

... one giant leap for a slave!

The ragtag group of slaves decided on Nora’s plan to possibly enlist the help of the slaves in the mines on the other side of the main cavern. They burst in on the guard and attempted to persuade him and the others in cages to assist them in their escape from the keep. He remained skeptical, but made no move to dissuade them. Although the mercenary named “Skeever” seemed unmoved by their plight, he, quite timely, excused himself to “make water” and headed down an opposite corridor conveniently leaving the cell keys hanging on the wall peg.
The first slave released was Aklys, a pit fighter, who warned them not to open the other cell for the crazed beast of a man was not sane.
Returning to the main cavern, they heard voices speaking a foreign language. Moving into the room the slaves rushed the unusual warriors. A long and dangerous fight ensued, but the slaves were victorious.
Though they had never been beyond the door leading out of the cavern, they moved forward with both apprehension and exhilaration. hallway.jpg
The first room beyond the cavern was a basement room of dark, worked brick. A table and two tumbled chairs lay just inside the doorway of the tossed room. Another group of similar looking men were gathered around a groveling clerk at the other end.
The slaves went to work on the foreigners and though it cost them in grievous wounds they did win the fight. Within this group of attackers’ possessions, besides the loot from the keep above, were some small glass vials containing a solution much like milk and several small clay dishes with a waxy ointment within. wound_closure.jpg
Applying these to wounds and risking the liquid, the slaves discovered a healing salve for closing wounds and a sweet, milky healing elixir.
The soiled clerk then reluctantly led them through a secret panel secret_door.jpgin the back of the room which led to a bed chamber. Within the hallway they beyond the bedchamber they encountered a lord, a lady, and a guard barricaded in the lower access hallways of the keep.
Vern, the clerk, was then pressed into revealing another secret tunnel leading to the drainage tunnel under the keep’s outer wall. drainage2.jpg
From the vantage of the storm grate, the defenders watched the foreigners sack up all the loot they could carry and put the larger buildings to the torch. Then they moved out of the keep to avoid the choking smoke after the ships had set sail.
Deciding that the docks would be safer, they moved into a warehouse and barricaded the doors to rest the night. On the morrow they dispatched some scavenging wolves and headed out on foot pulling a large two wheeled cart.



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