Order of the Spear

Cloth and Metal

(or rags and chains)

“We’ve been over this a thousand times! We come to the same conclusion every time. We have been here since before we had memories. Wynnetta raised us as best she could before she fell with the cough and was tossed over the falls. Nothing’s ever gonna change – slaves are NEVER freed. No one has ever walked out of here!” Nud continued his rant, but most of the other slave children were asleep. “Look, if we had the chance to be free you know we’d take it. You know I’d kill every Tallow guard to free you if I could.”
Everyone, even the guards, knew he had a crush on Nora. He’d taken several beatings for her, claiming himself the culprit. He would have been a strong and handsome youth if it weren’t for the dirt and muck of the slave quarters.
Nora groaned in resignation and those still awake sighed in relief. She would let it go tonight, but would begin the discussion anew from a different angle on the morrow – never accepting their current situation for fact. Some things never sat well with her.
She awoke with a start sitting up straight. Something was wrong she knew. They were always awakened by the crack of a whip well before the dawn. She sat staring out through the iron bars in the wall at the sunlight streaming into the darkness…slaves.jpg



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