Order of the Spear

A Serious Undermining

...or Just Probing the Defenses?

Voices carried through the trees to Denn’s alert ears as he scouted ahead of the exhausted team. Adrenaline fumes carried the young Sgt., the sense of duty ran strong within this group. Trudging along the King’s Road toward Pitchfork, these few had seen more than their share of combat and sleepless nights in the past handful of days. Thoughts of the innocent women in their charge pushed him forward to discover the source of the noise.

He parted the foliage carefully and spied upon the conclusion of an apparent duel between a young noble in the livery of Viscounty Norwell and that of the team’s commander, Sir Brendan. Visc gavyn norwell The knight lay still on the cobbled road and the noble stood above him with a bloodied sword. The noble retinue stood in a half circle around a beautiful young woman on a horse. A noose around her neck. Viscountess corvina

Denn had seen enough to report back – and it wasn’t good news. The team came up the road as quickly as possible, Osweald on the left flank and Tannis on the right off in the trees. All they saw was the backs of the party riding off in a cloud of dust and the woman swinging from a tree.

She was soon cut down and after a few moments explained the events that had led to her being hanged. While at the lodge, Brendan had made a pass at her and was politely refused. The Viscount interpreted the events differently and accused her of adultery. He subsequently had Brendan’s men killed and arrested the knight to put him on trial in his own court. Upon arrival to Pitchfork, his men convinced him that he should duel the knight and save the trouble of a trial. Linfors quickly forgot all thoughts of Holly waiting patiently for him back in Ralspur when faced with this woman’s beauty.

The long walk to Hanlowell was eased by a merchant with one empty wagon who politely offered to carry them to the capital city. Tannis rightly guessed the offer was not only polite, but wise, in that Mallory the Merchant would have the Watch to help protect his journey. Count Symon was given the pertinent details and the team was introduced to the commanding officer of the Order of the Trident where their commissions were unfortunately being transferred. The team rested and accepted their orders to move to the town of Manzallore where they were put in charge of squads of their own. Denn quickly named his team, Sparrow’s Arrows, but the others were still pondering when after two short weeks a scout arrived to the command tent upon a foaming horse. Cohen, recognizing that the animal was almost blown, began to soothe it and healed the damage to its lungs before the beast could perish from exhaustion.

Nobel salamander

Runners ran from the tent carrying orders and the drums began to pound out a formation rhythm. The Trident marched a double-time north to the Wall where a tunnel was discovered which had apparently been melted through the rock underneath. Monsters were milling about on this side of the Wall. (Later, the team was to learn those tough lizards were called Flametongues. They are a favored pet of Salamanders used as pawns in battle.)

The team was given the responsibility of defending the right flank of the Trident and the melee ensued. Navigating the old ruins, the heroes led their squads forward to dispatch their hostiles, which included a very large Salamander, early thereby allowing the heroes to roll the enemy’s left flank and secure a decisive victory for the Trident.

Each member of the team was recognized for valor and bravery upon the field and the Captain awarded the heroes the Iron Trident – the highest honor in the Order. He told them over a dinner held in their honor, in full dress uniform, that he’d love to keep them, but that their skills were now demanded elsewhere. The team was told to expect orders to marry up with the Order of the Sword further east.


Linfors ponders what seems to be the many problems plaguing the realm: crooked Watch units, absent leadership at the county and possibly kingdom levels, and an army that transfers people so often that he can’t help but wonder how much effort and resources are wasted on orders.

‘Father always says that one should establish priorities and focus on what’s important, and not bounce around from thing to thing, leaving things half-finished,’ the young sergeant thought as he tried to fall asleep after the dinner. He couldn’t help but accept what was a nagging feeling that the realm was slowly collapsing on itself, and those entrusted with its maintenance – those entrusted with the safety of the people – were too busy trying to get ahead in politics and personal wealth to pay attention to the doom that was coming their way.

What role did he play in all this? Favorite guard to nobles? Competent martial errand boy to the rich and famous? What did that all mean when it came to his family and the people of Wyglen, and so many other towns like it, that he’d realized he’d assumed it was his purpose to protect? He turned the Iron Trident over in his hand, wondering how many soldiers’ hearts had been corrupted by medals and honors, turning them away from true service?

And what of the leaders who promoted this? Linfors did not like the thoughts & feelings that followed as he tried to fall asleep.

A Serious Undermining

As Linfors stood beside John Kerry preparing to throw his medals in the harbor, he looks over at the loser and thinks, ‘what the hell am I doing to my honor and that of my family and country. The differences between the two of us are many, but at least I earned my medals!’ Linfors reconsiders his melancholy thoughts and returns to his barracks, proud to have done his duty.

A Serious Undermining

Before going to the order of the trident, Cohen spends a day with Father Carlax. They go over the the rituals of birth, and death of Allyxann and he even as, and asists in both a birth, and 2 funerals in the days that follow. He gives as much detailed information on the other cleric as possible from the battle at the town, and hands over the holy symbol he carried. Allyxann is the OverFather, and thus the other deity needs a place in the Fathers house.
Also, Cohen goes over his experience with the coming enter magnetic incident here where birth, and death collide. "Father, I have a theory. It is coming, and I have no doubt about it. It’s been some time since the last. The text I recovered shows that during the culmination, I believe we won’t be able to die. If a body has taken damage , and the end, everyone will die, but will pass, but during the culmination. It would be smart to not tell anyone. People will be dumb trying to push it.

The day before departing is the holy day, where Cohen is allowed to give a sermon in the church. The church is filled with the whispers of a true cleric. With a roll of 16, and score of 12, total of 28 for the sermon.

A Serious Undermining

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