The Mist…everywhere…unseen but by a few…

Spooky close tree

The town of Ralspur lies on the very edge of civilization and the Wyldwood. This untamed forest claims territory within the lands of Good King Gundrick SixBlade, a beloved and yet rigid, king of Aynemer. A very old (at least in human terms) kingdom, handed down through many generations of the same line of kings. This lineage of kings has protected the kingdom from all things without. As far as is known, this civilization is the only refuge from the inhuman hordes that lie in wait beyond the borders of Aynemer. Unfortunately, (isn’t that always the case) Gundrick lies ill and tension within the kingdom is rising. His son, Crown Prince Nyrrgall, is considered by some of the more vocal nobles to be incapable of the pressures of the throne. Can the greatest of Gundrick’s garrisons, the Order of the Spear, be enough to hold this lone civilization together, or will civil war plunge the last glimmer of hope into the ever encroaching darkness? Who will pay the price? Who will count the cost?

Expanding the view: the world in which Aynemer resides is an unpredictable and unforgiving place to carve out a life. At times the gradual seasonal changes can shift unexpectedly, and days and nights can be shortened or lengthened without warning. This harsh world is shrouded in an invisible mist called the fae: a source of power distinctly different from that of divine and arcane magics. The mist, like the world, is unpredictable and seemingly fickle. It is treated much like the sea and, it too, is referred to as being female. The ebb and flow of the fae has been the impetus of great heroics as well as disastrous ruin.

Our story begins in the town of Ralspur, where a handful of young men are about to embark on adventures born of their heroic dreams… and will become all too aware of a world of nightmares beyond any they ever imagined!

Order of the Spear

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